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Welcome! I am so happy you are here. What resonates with me the most when working with families and my own autistic son is the importance of developing the mind, body and self  of each unique individual no matter what abilities they have or challenges they face. 

The information you will find here is my way to give back what I've learned. I hope it inspires you and helps you make sense of what you are going through on your journey with autism.  Thanks Jake ( for helping me with the videos and allowing me to share your story. As you explore the site you will see video from my YouTube channel, Autism Mind Body Self as well as Jake's YouTube Channel, Jakes Take On Autism. 

Autism Mind Body Self will feature video of what I would consider the early days of autism where you, as a guide, want to connect and engage with your apprentice, mostly through physical activities. Jake’s Take On Autism will feature videos of what we call MindGuiding, guiding the mind of your apprentice as they become dynamic thinkers and navigate their way in the world.  Be sure to subscribe to both channels.  Thank you for your support.  We are all in this together. Let’s learn form each other to ease all of our journey’s.  

Love and light,


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My Story

My journey with autism began when my son was diagnosed with autism in 1998.  My world was shattered, my heart was broken and I was scared.  I immediately went into denial because I could not accept the uncertainty of not knowing my son’s future.  I investigated programs, talked to experts and finally found the one thing that helped my family and my son, RDI - Relationship Development Intervention. 

I learned how to parent my son with autism.  I knew how to love him but I didn’t know how to guide him because of the autism.  Once I learned what he needed to become engaged everything changed!  As I learned more and more about RDI my passion grew. I am extremely fortunate to have worked closely with Dr. Gutstein over the past eight years on his current program the Dynamic Intelligence Curriculum.

Jake now presents with me and shares what we learned together so others can benefit.  I present worldwide and work with families all over the world.  Jake shares his story willingly because he wants to help others. 

Now I know I was not in denial, I was just raising the bar for my son.  The current research shows that we can impact the neurology of the brain to address the deficits autism brings and achieve quality of life for all of our kids.  Thanks to Dr. Gutstein we have that roadmap.  Let me share it with you!

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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou

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Autism Mind Body Self

Autism Mind Body Self

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